Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission


The Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission was created by Mayor Mary Sue Rowland in September of 1992. Jane Campbell was made head of the commission, (then called the “Minister of Culture”), and organized the first event in May of 1993.  Our first programs were Law Day, teaching children about the courtroom process through fairytales, and Shakespeare in the Park.  Other arts programs and support for arts programs have been created, developed, and supported.


Joni Corbett - President 

Eric Thornbury - Vice President

John Davis - acting treasurer

Carol Griffith
Eric Thornbury
Bill Kenley
David Heighway
Becky VanBiggle


The mission of the Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission is the promotion of cultural activities emphasizing music, art, literature, drama and dance by and for the citizens of Noblesville, to enhance the overall quality of life of the entire community.


Our goals include continuing to provide live cultural performances and events for the community. We plan to develop an efficient and effective organization that will allow us to extend our programs and carry us into the future.